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Thank you for selecting our portal for your vacancies search for an apartment, accommodation, vacation home, a holiday house, an apartment in Vienna, Austria. This portal does not only stand out by it`s pleasant design, it also offers the most innovative functionality around for a simplify successfully search. After confirmation of your check in check out day, you can start a first search over the Vienna map on our entry site and then you can go further for an individual object search on our detail site. To look there for the district, number of rooms, dwelling size, number of persons and so on. You can look also over the border of Vienna to the Vienna environment and you find also vacancies in whole Austria on our site. Our platform is not an employment agency, therefore your search is free as well as the contact with the landlord from the vacation home. In other words we do not get commission fees or other additionally fees from you or the landlord and we not change the renters prices. You deal directly with the private landlord from your selected accommodation and get a firm contract after your agreement of confirmation. Our website is only the presentation medium for the properties of the private landlords of Vienna. Therefore you pay nothing more, no commission fee or any additionally payment. We are interested in a continuous quality of all objects and stay in continuous contact with all for our renters. We know their accommodations. It`s impossible to check up all apartments but you do it continuously with your stay. Therefore your quality controls are the only one objectives and you give up the stars (house symbols)for the property. We put therefore a large value in on your opinion, also which concerns this portal. If you were content or unsatisfied after your Vienna stay with your apartment, then write it down into the guest book to the vacation home. We follow to each entry and also negative entries remain online until the lack doesn`t exist. In the following are some advantages, from vacation home in Vienna which I guess, you all will know for sure, therefore instead of beginning to read the following text go ahead and search here for an apartment in Vienna. - Instead an expensive hotel or pension in Vienna, with small room, mini bar and firm meal times, you are looking for a vacation home in Vienna were you are free in planning and timing your vacation in Vienna in a cosy roomy atmosphere to a favorable, inexpensive to cheap rent. On you will find your vacation home in Vienna, the Vienna private apartment, the home in Vienna, accommodation Vienna, your Vienna holiday apartment. We offer large and small flats like studios for singles, pairs or the family apartment for several persons, large groups, family, grade, pupil and student. The offer reaches from the one single room apartment, small vacation home to the several room Apartments often in one house together over the private holidays accommodation with several rooms, separately accessible bedrooms, large living room, 2 baths, 2 toilets, 3 room or even 4 rooms, the large family accommodation, a room vacation home, small apartment, studio. You find vacation homes, apartments in the center of Vienna, in the city center of Vienna, city center situation and in center proximity in traffic-favorable situation, as well as in the surroundings of Vienna. Their Vienna accommodation offers the comfort and convenience of a completely furnished dwelling for the feel at home feeling for you and your loved ones. Whether you make vacation in Vienna, Vienna vacation, or business in Vienna, business trip, work journey, work stay, whether you are an employee and searching for accommodation, for your short vacation, short vacation, week final journey, three-day's journey, often to last minute price: Here you will find it: Favorable inexpensive Vienna accommodation with special offer, discount for technical employees on long-term rent, the business apartment with Internet, WAN, WLAN, or the calm vacation home with elevator/elevator for the whole family in rest position with garden or roof garden. Small children are often free the plus the family-friendly private accommodation with cradle, or at a reduced price, a toy and a nice private host. The Vienna journey starts here and becomes in the private accommodation an unforgettable beautiful vacation.













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Die meisten Apartments auf wurden von unseren Gastgebern bereits auf unser neues Portal transferiert - in diesem Fall werden Sie automatisch auf das neue Portal weitergeleitet.

Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie mit unserem neuen Portal noch besser unterstützen zu können.